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This is why you can't find a job right now.

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  • Young & Unemployed? This is why you can’t find a job right now. 

  • When you can get interviews, but not job offers! How to fix this.

  • Are you blaming yourself after being laid off? It’s NOT your fault!!

  • Career WWYD! What would YOU do?

  • 3 types of work everyone should know. And why you need all of them at some point in your life.

Here’s what’s going on in the news (related to careers of course):

If you are a recent college grad, and you can’t find a job, know you are not alone!

In college you worked really hard to get good grades, participate in events, and maybe even work a part time job. You were told that if you want a successful career in today’s competitive job market, you will need a college degree. Now you have that degree, and you can’t even get hired… what’s up with that?

Competition is fiercer than ever for individuals with bachelors degrees, making it harder to find a job. It might be time to re-evaluate your job search strategy, so you can start to see some better results.

Here are three reasons why you might not be getting hired…

interview prep

When You Get Interviews, But FAIL To Get Job Offers! 🫤🤷🤔

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job search hacks

Have you been laid off recently? Are you struggling to conduct a job search? Being laid off sucks, it’s awful. You have taken a hit to your confidence and may be even blaming yourself for situation you are in. If you take away one thing from this, you need to know that it’s NOT your fault! You can’t control the fact that you were laid off, but you can take control of your job search. Here’s how you can cope with being laid off, so you can conduct an effective job search:

What Would You Do? Below is a work story that isn't true, but it could be! Read this workplace dilemma and then share what YOU would do by clicking the link and submitting your advice. We'd love to hear your response, and may even feature it in the newsletter!

You’re a customer service representative and you receive a call from an angry customer who’s not satisfied with your service or product. They are screaming at you and using abusive language. They are clearly not happy and are extremely escalated. How would you handle the situation? What would you do?

What would you do? Click HERE to respond.

Today’s Workspace Wonders Recommendation are light therapy lamps for your workspace. Daylight savings hit us hard this week and we are still adjusting to it being dark at 4:30pm. (Even though this happens every year, we still aren’t used to it) As the days get shorter, we lose a lot of natural sunlight, which can cause many of use to be more tired and depressed. These light therapy lamps are a great way to mimic that natural sunlight we love and miss during the winter months. Light therapy lamps help you sleep better, boost energy levels, and put you in a better mood. Here are some that we love:

career success

There are only three types of work: a job, a career, & a calling.

What you do for work falls into one of these three categories.

A job pays the bills and doesn’t bring you much satisfaction other than meeting your financial needs.

A career not only pays the bills, but it’s more satisfying than a job. You are using and leveraging some of your strengths in a career.

A calling is what you were meant to do! You are satisfied, leveraging all your strengths, and it pays the bills.

Society has made us believe that a calling is the only thing we should be striving for in our work lives. However, your life is always changing, so at times a job is all you are going to need. And at other times a career or calling may be more suitable for your situation. Here’s what you need to know.

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