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There are so many reasons why people decide to change careers. Can you guess why someone might want to make a career change today?

A career change is a huge life decision and a hard one too! Here is a list of the top three reasons why professionals are changing their careers:

  1. Better work-life balance.

  2. Higher pay.

  3. More meaningful/fulfilling career.

Did you guess any of these? If you are considering a career change because of any of these reasons (or even a reason not listed), but are scared to make the transition, let us help.

Keep reading to learn how to successfully make a career change. Good Luck!

Here’s what’s going on in the news (related to careers of course):

5 Reasons To Make SurveyJunkie Your Next Side Hustle

There are several reasons why someone might choose to have a side hustle as an online survey taker for SurveyJunkie. Here are five possible reasons:

1. Flexibility: Online survey taking allows for flexibility in terms of working hours. As a survey taker, you can typically choose when and where you want to complete surveys. This flexibility is especially beneficial for individuals who have other commitments such as a full-time job, studies, or family responsibilities.

2. Extra Income: One of the primary motivations for having a side hustle is to earn additional income. SurveyJunkie offers compensation to survey takers for completing surveys. While the income may vary depending on factors like survey length and complexity, it can be a convenient way to supplement your regular income or save up for specific goals.

3. Low Entry Barrier: Starting as an online survey taker usually has a low barrier to entry. SurveyJunkie, for example, allows individuals to sign up easily and start taking surveys without requiring specialized skills or experience. This accessibility makes it an attractive option for people looking to earn money without needing extensive training or qualifications.

4. Work from Anywhere: Online survey taking provides the opportunity to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you prefer to work from the comfort of your home, a coffee shop, or while traveling, as long as you have access to the internet, you can take surveys and earn money. This flexibility can be particularly appealing for digital nomads or individuals seeking location-independent work.

5. Variety and Engagement: Participating in online surveys exposes you to a range of topics and provides an opportunity to share your opinions. This can be interesting and engaging for individuals who enjoy expressing their thoughts, providing feedback, or learning about different subjects. It can also serve as a way to stay updated on market trends, consumer preferences, and new products or services.

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