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Plus: What to do when you turn down a job & now you want it.

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  • Never make this job search mistake! It could make your search last 6+ months. 

  • When you turn down a job... And NOW you want it!

  • How to message a recruiter about a job. And how to get recruiters to notice you.

  • Career WWYD! What would YOU do in this situation???

  • Is it time to update your look? Stop hanging on to old fashion trends!

Here’s what’s going on in the news (related to careers of course):

The most common mistake we see people make is that they turn inward when their job search isn’t going well.

For many people, job search is a really stressful time and there is pressure to find a new job quickly. Job seekers have to find the strength and courage to put themselves out there… but when they hear nothing back, they only get more stressed and discouraged.

You apply to jobs. You don’t hear back. Nothing seems like it is working, so you turn inwards.

“What am I doing wrong?” and “How do I fix this?” start to play in your head over and over again.

Let’s get one thing straight, if you could fix this yourself, you would — and you know that!

Turning inward out of fear, stress, and confusion is one of the worst things you can do for your job search and here’s why…

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When You Turn Down A Job & Now You Want It! 🫠🫢🫤

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How to message a recruiter about a job you are interested in?? The problem with applying to jobs online these days is that hundreds sometimes thousands of people apply to a single job within a day or two of it being posted. This means your application is bound to get overlooked if you apply this way. To set yourself up for success, we suggest reaching out to people in the company, or even the recruiter directly, about the job. But how can you do that without it being weird or awkward? Here’s how you should message recruiters about a job:

What Would You Do? Below is a work story that isn't true, but it could be! Read this workplace dilemma and then share what YOU would do by clicking the link and submitting your advice. We'd love to hear your response, and may even feature it in the newsletter!

Olga quit her job in January of 2020, never dreaming something like COVID-19 would shut down her job search. If she’s being honest with herself, she didn’t start looking for a job until January of 2022. Now nobody will hire her. Each time she gets an interview, they ask, “Why have you been out of work so long?” What can she say to get people to not see her as someone who chose to check out of the workforce?

What should she do? Click HERE to respond.

Today’s Workspace Wonders Recommendation are mouse pads to help elevate your workspace. If you are looking for a print or something fun, we recommend this mouse pad. And if you want something that is simple and sleek we love the look of this metal mouse pad.

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When was the last time you updated your wardrobe? Or changed your hairstyle?

If you are hanging onto an old hairstyle or an outfit from the 80’s then it’s time to change things up. As a rule of thumb, any piece of clothing that is 10+ years old, needs to be retired. And yes there is exceptions to this rule, but most of us probably don’t have many pieces of clothing that fit the exceptions.

There is no better time than now to freshen up your look and get rid of outdated clothing, makeup, and hairstyles.

Keep reading to see if it’s time for you to update your wardrobe!

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