👻 Overcome Your Job Search FEARS!!

Plus: What to do if an employer lies to you in an interview.

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  • Overcome your job search fears! Just in time for Halloween.

  • Learn a new language in 10 minutes a day! Pack Babbel for your fall adventures.

  • What to do if an employer lies to you in an interview? And it’s the reason why you took the job?

  • Being told you are overqualified for a job. What to do to not take a lower level position.

  • Career Would You Rather! And fun Halloween recipes.

  • 10 things to immediately do on LinkedIn! Building an engaged and beneficial network.

Here’s what’s going on in the news (related to careers of course):

Don’t let your fears prevent you from conducting a job search!!

There are lots of reasons why someone might be scared to start a job search. The fear of being rejected, not getting a call back, or even an interview shouldn’t stop someone from finding a job.

While we can’t always control the outcome of some of these fears, using the right tools, tips, strategies can help build confidence to overcome.

If the term “job search” is something that creates a little fear and anxiety in you, then it’s time to make a change.

Here’s how to overcome your job search fears this fall — just in time for Halloween!

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When An Employer LIES In An Interview To Get You To Take The Job! 🤥😡😒

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What should you do if you are told you are overqualified??? It is not uncommon for employers to dismiss applicants and their resumes because they are “overqualified”. It’s also not uncommon for people to get frustrated when they are told they are overqualified and apply for jobs that are below their level of expertise. You shouldn’t have to settle for less, follow our tips to not come off as overqualified to employers:

When it comes to our work life, sometimes choices we need to make feel difficult. Others are a no-brainer. Tell us which of the following is right for YOU!

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Today’s Eat To Succeed Recommendation are some fun Halloween recipes. Yeah we know, we know… Halloween is pretty much over by now and you’re not gonna make these recipes after today. Think of it as inspiration for next year! Save these links and in a year you will have the most festive Halloween snacks.

networking advice

LinkedIn is the premier networking for job seekers and professionals at any level.

It’s a great way to build your professional network, offer value to your connections, and even a great way to find a job. If you are new to LinkedIn or your network needs a revamp, then you’re in the right place.

To use LinkedIn effectively, you need to not only make sure your profile is optimized, but also be an active user/participant on the platform. If you want to build connections and create meaningful conversations you have to spend some time participating in threads and reaching out to connections.

Here are 10 things to immediately do on LinkedIn to make the most of your experience!

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