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Plus: How to explain a career gap due to cancer.

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  • #1 thing you must say in your cover letter! The best way to get a job interview. 

  • How to tell if a company is good to work for. Look for this sign!

  • Explaining a career gap due to cancer. Structuring your answer for an interview question.

  • Career Would You Rather! What do you prefer for lunch?

  • How to ask about work-life balance. What to say in a job interview.

Here’s what’s going on in the news (related to careers of course):

“Ask and you shall receive!”

Your cover letter is an introduction to you as a person and as a potential new employee. It’s how you show your genuine interest in the company and position. We talk a lot connection stories and how it can grab the attention of a hiring manager and show why you are a great fit for the opportunity.

Showing you interest and passion is an important step in landing an interview. But what if we told you by saying this one thing in your cover letter, you can almost guarantee an interview!?!

It may seem a little obvious or even a little weird, but asking for an interview in your cover letter is your best shot at a job interview.

Here’s why…

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This Is A Sign A Company Is Good To Work For! 😁👍🤩

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Are you conducting a job search after beating cancer or a life-threatening illness? Having to explain that the gap in your employment was because you were fighting cancer, can be scary. Many people would be tempted to lie in fear that employers wouldn’t want to hire someone who had a life-threatening illness. Instead of lying about your situation, here’s how can you can structure your answer when you are asked about the gap in your employment:

P.S. We are SO happy that you have beat your illness! Congratulations!🎉

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interview prep

Want to know what it will ACTUALLY be like working for a company?

Asking about work-life balance in a job interview can be tricky. You don’t want to be too blunt about it, and you definitely don’t want it to be the first question you ask. Why? It might be a little off putting to the hiring manager.

We suggest asking a few strategic questions, before you ask any questions about work-life balance. The first question you ask in at the end of an interview says a lot about you. So we want you to start off strong with a question or two that are thoughtful and will impress the interviewer.

Once you get those out of the way, you can move into work-life balance. We’ve created some example questions you can use in your next interview. They are not too blunt, and make the assumption that the company supports work-life balance, giving the hiring manager the opportunity to elaborate.

Make sure you are also doing your research about the company, and look for reviews from people who have worked there in the past. You don’t want to end up in a bad job where it’s not what you expected it to be.

Good luck, and go get’em!

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