👻 Ghost Jobs Are Hurting Job Seekers!

Plus: Job seekers don't want you to know this secret!

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  • Job seekers don’t want you to know this secret! But we’re going to tell you anyways…

A ghost job = a job that isn’t real.

Unfortunately, employers will post these “ghost jobs” online and on job boards all the time. The worst part? They never intend to fill the advertised position.

You’re probably thinking, “WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!?”

And as crazy and frustrating as it seems, there is some method to the madness. The majority of the time, hiring managers leave these fake job postings up to make it seem like the company is growing, hiring, and doing well. Sometimes, they post these jobs to give the appearance that they are hiring to help alleviate some stress for their overworked staff. So unfortunately, the reasoning behind these ghost jobs is to create a false sense of hope for both job seekers and current employees. (Which by the way, is so not cool)

While we can’t change employers minds on this, (they are going to continue to post fake positions to make themselves look better) you shouldn’t let that affect your job search!

What can you do to combat falling victim to applying to a “ghost job”?

There’s no way to detect “ghost jobs” among others on a job board, it’s pretty much impossible. However, there is an alternative solution.

Learn how to conduct a proactive job search!

A proactive job search will make it so you never have to worry about a “ghost job” ever again. This job search method encourages you to reach out directly to employers about working for them instead of blindly applying to jobs online. Click HERE to learn more.

Good luck!

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What Is A Job Seeker Brand & Why It Matters?! 🙌 

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