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  • Struggling in your job search? Just know it is not your fault.

  • Two Truths & A Lie! Can you detect the lie?

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Here’s what’s going on in the news (related to careers of course):

It’s hard enough to get a job interview these days, and even harder to get a job offer.

The biggest reason people don’t get job offers can be explained by the Goldilocks principle. Dig way back into your brain to your childhood… remember how the porridge was too hot, too cold, and just right? Or how the chairs were too hard, too soft, and just right? Well this applies to your interview answers too.

If your interview answers are too short, the interviewer might assume you have something to hide and aren’t confident in yourself. If your answers are too long, you might come across as narcissistic or all over the place with your words.

Your answers need to be just right!

We suggest practicing your answers to common interview questions before your interview so you can be prepared. Good luck!

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If you are struggling in your job search, just know it’s not your fault. You’ve tried everything, but you’re not getting anywhere, and deep down you think that it is your fault. It causes you to be depressed and you lose your motivation. It’s not your fault that you were never taught how to job search correctly, but it is your responsibility to take your job search into your own hands and learn how to do it right.

Below are three workplace horror stories, however, two are true and one is a lie. Can you figure out which ones are true and which one is the lie?

Story #1: I worked at a grocery store. A customer's dog took a poop at the front of the store by the registers. He just stood there while I cleaned it. Suddenly, the dog took a second poop while I was still cleaning. But wait. As I’m cleaning the second poop, the dog then puked. As I’m cleaning that, the owner pats the dog on the head, saying, 'Good boy.'

Story #2: One time, while working front desk at a gym, a woman complained that there were too many geese outside. She said that they should’ve flown south by then and we needed to do something about it.

Story #3: One day a customer and child walked in to the bookstore I worked at. The mother took the small boy to the children’s section to pick out a book. When the mother said no to one of the books, the kid lost it and starting ripping every single book that there was off the shelves. Within minutes the store was ruined and the mom ran out with the child. Leaving me to clean up the whole thing.

Which story is the lie?

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Does your resume showcase your value? Are you standing out to recruiters?

Your ROI, or return on investment, is the benefit companies get from hiring you. It is important to showcase your value and how you are going to save and/or make the company money. Is your resume doing you justice? Can recruiters and hiring managers get this from your current resume?

If you have made a significant different at your past jobs, you'll want to make sure it is shown on your resume. This is one of the best ways to stand out and increase your chances at getting an interview.

Here is the best way to emphasize your ROI on your resume.

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Two Truths & A Lie: Story #3. Click HERE to see the true stories.