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  • 4 phrases your boss will LOVE. They will help you build a next level relationship.

  • 3 reasons for community service. It impacts everyone involved.

  • The importance of a high-performing team. How can you cultivate a team like this?

WHO SAID:ย "I want to look back on my career and be proud of the work, and be proud that I tried everything.

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We LOVE community service. Your company should too.

Community service goes far beyond doing good for your local community, it has benefits for your own company as well. You shouldn't be sleeping on how doing a good deed affects everyone involved.

Read more about our 3 reasons why your company should participate in community service.

Don't we all want the most effective team that there is? But how do you achieve that?

First, you will need a team who is diverse in their skills and ideas, a team who has a shared vision, and a team that is adaptable. Then you will want to build a supportive work environment to help to cultivate that high-performing team you have always wanted.

Read more about how to create that environment for your team to feel supported so they can flourish!

Career Decoder Quiz - Our career decoder quiz will help you determine what workplace persona you are. This means you will unlock knowledge about who you are as a professional and how to thrive at work. Pretty cool, right?

Workplace Communication Style Quiz - Ever wonder how you communicate with others? This quiz will help you understand your communication style so you can work more effectively with others. Who wouldn't want that?

Have you ever struggled to make a good connection with your boss? We totally get it, it can be hard.

You're going to want to prove to your boss that you are a reliable employee. Taking the time to strengthen your relationship with your boss can go a long way. What you say and

Keep reading to learn about four phrases to incorporate into your vocabulary to build that professional connection you've always wanted.

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